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Hormone Panel
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What is a Hormone Panel?

A hormone panel is a set of hormone tests administered based on gender, typically by a taking a sample of saliva (although blood and plasma can also be used). The test is more common on aging patients – particularly women experiencing menopause. This test is conducted specifically when there appears to be an abnormal change in metabolism. They are also regularly performed on patients who are receiving hormone replacement therapy. The most common tests in the panel are the three sex hormones: estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. It is possible to test for a variety of other hormones as well, depending on each patient’s symptoms.

Do I need a Hormone Panel?

If you are suffering symptoms that may be related to hormone imbalances, a hormone panel is an effective way to quantify the causes. Hormone production is the method by which endocrine glands control much of the body’s function. Disturbing their function may also change the body’s natural balance. Appropriate testing of hormone levels can identify these disturbances and provide bases for remedy. A qualified expert is the best person to recommend if a hormone panel is the best course of action. This is based on the patient’s individual diagnosis.

Where can I get a Hormone Panel?

A hormone panel kit is normally acquired by your health center expert. This person will also administer the test. The test kit is then sent to a lab for analysis. The results are normally available after five to seven business days upon taking the test. These results will provide comprehensive information regarding the levels of hormone tested, which can be analyzed to determine specific causes of a patient’s symptoms.  This information can help provide more accurate treatment plans to help relieve the patients symptoms as effectively as possible.

Hormones can affect your body in a variety of different ways. They can influence energy levels, brain health, fat storage and other important functions of the body. If you feel your hormones levels need to be tested, contact Discover Optimal Healthcare and book your Hormone Panel treatment today.