ServicesOsteoarthritis – Supartz – Orthovisc – Synvisc
Osteoarthritis – Supartz – Orthovisc – Synvisc
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Osteoarthritis Joint Pain Therapies

Are your knees in pain?

The main symptom of osteoarthritis is pain. You may feel pain during movement, and even at rest. Some conditions will cause you to feel pain when you are sitting and some when you are standing. Your joints may also be stiff and swollen. You may even experience a loss of range of movement in the joint. This can have a profound impact on your health and interfere or stop you from your normal daily activities.

If you are suffering from knee pain due to osteoarthritis and you would like pain relief without drugs or surgery, Supartz joint fluid therapy is your answer. Supartz is a solution of Hyaluronan, which is a lubricant and shock-absorber in all of our joints. Osteoarthritis reduces your body’s ability to produce Hyaluronan and allows the joint to wear out. Supartz replaces the naturally-occurring Hyaluronan which your body no longer produces naturally.

At Discover Optimal Healthcare, we offer Supartz joint pain therapy, along with two additional viscosupplementation treatment options: Orthovisc and Synvisc. All three treatment options work by injecting a lubricating fluid back into your joints. They are all equally effective at relieving osteoarthritis joint pain for up to six months. There are some minor differences between these three treatment options, and your joint pain specialist can answer any questions you may have about joint pain therapy.

Just because you have knee pain does not mean you have to suffer with it. If osteoarthritis is preventing you from living a normal lifestyle or keeping you from enjoying the activities you love, do not jump directly to knee surgery. There are alternatives that are non-invasive with much shorter recovery times.

Schedule a free consultation with one of our joint pain specialists today. Your joint pain specialist will examine your specific joint pain needs, and determine which treatment option would be best for your particular joint pain situation. A pain-free life is possible, and we would love to help you reach yours today.